April 13, 2009

How To Study Money Making Ads To Help You Make Money

Actually studying ads will not make you more money. It is like reading a book on copywriting and then thinking you are a copywriter.

If you want to learn how to make money from writing classified ads, then you need to take action. Studying effective ads will help you learn how to write ads that make you money.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. These tips will help you make more money from the ads you write:

1. First, choose what type of ads you want to write.

If you are writing for newspapers, study newspapers. The same applies to magazines. If you are writing ads for a specific website online, then you need to go to that website.

Don't just study the ads though. Study the guidelines for the publication or website where you are considering submitting. Guidelines will help you avoid submitting ads in the wrong format, or using words the publication or site doesn't allow. By writing according to the guidelines you increase your chances of getting your ad accepted. Also, you increase the effectiveness of your ad.

2. When you study the ads, study the design.

Is the headline in bold, italic, or any special type of font? Does the ad writer use any type of color or graphics?

This is where you study the way the ad is actually put together instead of what the ads say. How the ad looks is almost as important as what it says. Design elements can make or break your ad because these elements will also help determine whether or not your ad gets read or not.

When employing these elements, use them sparingly, especially if you are posting your ads onlne. Although bold is one of those elements that is good for getting attention to your ad, writing your ad all in a color like red is not. Red is hard to read on screen, at least for any length of time. A bright color is good for a headline, but avoid writing your entire ad in this color.

Black type on a white background with an easy to read font may seem plain, but it actually works because it is easy to read. Readers online read about 25 percent slower, so don't make it any harder than necessary for readers to get your message.

Remember, it's not about you and what you like, or what you think is cute or attractive. It's about serving your readers. Treat them right, and give them content that solves their problems, and they will buy.

3. Keep a swipe file of good ads.

This can be a text file or an actual file folder. Use these ads to help you craft your own. Don't copy, just use what you learn.

The more ads you study, the more you will learn. Look for ads that are repeatedly published. These are usually ads that are making money. Use what you learn from studying these ads to help you write your own ads. It will help your ads convert better and ultimately make you more money.

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